Get multiple people to voice this opinion.

If there’s only one or two of you that are going to the decision makers and saying, We need a new website. Oftentimes, it’s not going to be listened to or taken seriously. If you have a lot of people from all different parts of the organization that are making this suggestion that we need a new website, then, typically, it’s going to be something that’s brought to their attention more. And they’re going to pay more attention to it.

Explain that a website is a form of marketing.

If you’re a church, if you’re a school, a business or a ministry, you’re trying to get more people involved or be a part of your organization. Most of the time, this means that it will bring in more money to the organization. And, even though, ministries and churches typically don’t like to think of the financial impact, as far as the reason that we do something is to bring more money in. However, the ironic thing is that, that is typically the determining factor on whether an initiative is taken or not, is, What is the cost going to be? So it’s important to understand that a website is a form of marketing and it’s an investment. So if you’re bringing in more money than you’re spending on it, it’s a good investment. The next thing is to,

Make it simple.

Basically, you want to make things as simple as possible for the decision makers. Make the process simple and the easier it is for the decision makers to go through the process of learning and understanding the benefits of the website, the easier it’s going to be to convince them that it’s something the organization should do.

Get them involved and create ownership.

Now this may seem contrary to the last bullet point in making it simple. However, there needs to be a balance between keeping things simple and having the decision makers get skin in the game. If they’re more involved in the process, they’ll be less likely to shoot down the idea of a website. And more likely to embrace it. And then lastly,

Have a plan with a final decision deadline.

If there are not deadlines that are set, typically, things just don’t get done. Schedule regular meetings when the web will be discussed. This could be weekly. This could be monthly. But schedule something on the calendar to discuss the website. If the approach is just whenever it happens, we’ll talk about it, it will never get done. And I’ve seen that happen many times, that organizations go on six months, twelve months or even longer because they just don’t schedule regular meetings to discuss the website. And then establish a final deadline when the decision will be made. And the decision might be that we’re not going to do it right now. And that’s okay. But establish a deadline to when the final decision will be made on whether to get a website or not. So, I hope that this has been helpful talking about the things that you need to do to convince decision makers that you need a new website.

  • Get multiple people to voice the opinion.
  • Explain that a website’s a form of marketing and that’s an investment and not an expense.
  • Make it simple.
  • Get them involved in creating ownership.
  • And then have a plan with a final decision deadline.

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