Testamonials (4)


Thank you for all your work this past year, John.  Our members were surprised and proud of our website's quality.  I also very much appreciate your guidance on everything technical and strategic in the site's design and purpose.


It looks great! ....the Web Page looks fantastic and a far cry from what we had since I have been here in Hartville.  The congregational meeting went very well and many were impressed with the web page and its capabilities. I told the congregation that we got fantastic support! Thank you John.

Jim Kidd  Elder Hartville Church of Christ


scroomJohn has been our website administrator now for almost 3 years. He is very knowledgeable and works hard at giving our church a great website at a cost that beats any other comparable option we've considered. It is a tremendous value for the money. John is extremely responsive to questions, changes, special requests, etc., that we hit him with all the time. I highly recommend John for his services and for his dedication to churches of Christ and their needs for a professional internet presence.

Scott Croomes Central Church of Christ Athens, Alabama


wpearsonJohn Murphy has the heart of a servant. He is in the ministry for all the right reasons and devotes unceasing energy to the cause of Christ. His passion and enthusiasm is contagious. The Sanford Church of Christ has better exposure in our community, and communication representation on the internet now that we have a Web presence with Church of Christ Sites. I strongly recommend the support and service that his company affords.

Walter S. Person Jr. Minister, Sanford Church of Christ

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