Domain-namesYour online success starts with your domain. We help you to find and manage your perfect Internet address.

Benefit from our know-how and good relationships with leading domain registries in order to establish your name on the Internet.

We will discuss transfering an existing domain name as we prepare to get your Internet Presence online.  In the event that you presently have a website, and this is either an upgrade, or a replacement, then we want to at least use the search power of that old domain name for at least a year. 


What is a domain name?

A domain name is a translation for a specific IP address. Your web pages are hosted on physical servers who each have their unique IP address e.g. (4 groups of 3 digits, each with a maximum value of 255).  Because it would be very difficult to remember all these IP addresses, they are linked to domain names e.g.   When you type in your browser’s address bar, your computer connects to a DNS server (read more: name servers). These name servers hold enormous tables with domain names and their associated IP address. Name servers link those pairs of data.

We recently increased our costs on the domain name element of your packages: (Remember that the domain name is included in your annual fee.)

The registries have raised their prices for domains several times in the past few years but we did not pass all price increases to you. Please keep in mind that our Domains are all inclusive, with the ICANN fee and private domain registration already included. Compare below – we've kept costs as low as possible!

Here is a comparison chart:


Our cost*

Go Daddy

Network Solutions




















Why do I need a domain name?

Thanks to your own unique domain name (e.g.: your website is always easy to find and you can personalize your e-mail addresses. If you want to be easy to reach and to contact it is absolutely essential that you have your own domain name.

 Companies should have their domain name and brand name on the Internet. They are an identity by which your customers, relations and the rest of the world will recognize you.

Does my domain name include an email address?

Each domain name includes email forwards (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) If someone sends an e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you reply to this e-mail, this person will see your yahoo address and not the address with your domain name.

Please note that these are just forwards and not hosted mailboxes.  If you prefer professional and reliable mailboxes, we offer you standard POP3 mailboxes as part of web or mail hosting, and access to your own mailbox using a MailXchange Account FREE. WebMail boxes are be able to handle the mail from anywhere you have internet connections.  This allows your send email address to be the same as your domain.

Can I transfer my domain to your service so I have all my information in one place?

From within our control panel you can request a transfer, or you can open a ticket with billing and they will set up the transfer for you. IMPORTANT: Before you request a transfer of your domain to our service, you must do two things.

  • Make sure your domain is unlocked. You must log in to your current registar and find the button that unlocks the domain. If you're unsure if your domain is locked, we suggest you open a ticket with your registrar.
  • Get the EPP code (Acknowledge code) from your current registrar. This should be in your control panel. When you get this code you will need to email it to us.
  • Make sure the administrative contact email for that domain is an email that you check.

If you want us to start the tranfer for you after you complete the first set of steps, please send us this information.

  • First and last name on account
  • Domain your transferring to our service
  • The EPP. After your finished, you will need reply to a confirmation message. When that has happened, the two registars will move information betweeen each other. We will be notified by email when everything is complete.

Can I buy an Additional domain from you?

Yes you can have a second or third domain, as many as you like. Buy your domains in your account control panel. All your registrar settings are located in the same location.

Can you help me with changing my registrar settings?

If you're switching to our service, our support will help you with changing your settings. Sign up an account with the proper domain, then open up a support ticket.

  • Register URL
  • username
  • password

Please test your login details before you mail them to us.

Can I register a domain with another company and point it at your servers?

Yes you can.  If you plan to use your domain with our services, you will need to point it at our servers.

Name server 1
Name server 2
Mail server 1, 10
Mail server 2, 10



How long will a Transfer of Registrar take?

A Transfer of Registrar will initiate 5 calendar days after the date we receive your consent for the domain transfer to be completed, as long as there are no issues. If the DNS must change in the process of the transfer, it may take an additional 24-48 hours until the DNS is propagated.

Before initiating a transfer request, please ensure that:

  • The domain to be transferred has not just been registered or transfered in the past 60 days.
  • The contact details (WHOIS info) for the domain are correct and the e-mail contact listed can receive e-mail.
  • The domain has been unlocked for domain transfers.
  • The domain's authorization code (EPP, AuthInfo code, Authorization code, transfer code, transfer secret) has been obtained from the current registrar (if applicable).   

We advise you to make sure you start the transfer process at least a month before the expiration date of the domain. Our registrar will not have any control over the domain until it has been fully transferred.

Transfer of Registrar Process Overview

According to the transfer policy, you will need to fill out a Form of Authorization (FOA) to approve the release of your domain name for transferring. Our Registrar will send an e-mail containing the FOA to the domain owner (Registrant-c/Admin-c*) listed for the domain to be transferred. The e-mail contains a link to a website where you can accept or refuse the transfer. This leads to the following 4 possibilities:

1. Domain owner (Registrant-c/Admin-c*) accepts the transfer. The transfer is then initiated.

2. Domain owner (Registrant-c) refuses the transfer. Transfer request is voided.

3. Admin-c refuses the transfer. Domain owner (Registrant-c) and customer (1&1 account holder) are informed of a time period left for the owner to accept the transfer. If the transfer is not accepted by the owner during this time, the transfer request is voided.

4. No response by domain owner (Registrant-c or Admin-c*). The customer is informed and the FOA is re-sent. If there is no response after additional notice, the transfer is voided.

* Sometimes the domain owner (Registrant-c) and Admin-c can be the same person.

In the event we are unable to contact the domain owner via the e-mail contact listed for the domain then the FOA will need to be filled out manually and faxed in by the account owner. The e-mail will contain a PDF version of the FOA. Print and fill out the form with your signature and then fax it to the number listed on the form. You are required to fax a valid form of identification (State ID card, State Driver's License, Passport, etc) with the form.

Please note:

The transfer is initiated as soon as our Registrat obtains consent and there is NO LOCK set on the domain. If there is a LOCK set on the domain, they cannot initiate the transfer process, even if you have approved the transfer request. It will take 5 calendar days for the transfer to complete after initiation and possibly another 24-48 hours for the DNS information to propagate if the DNS was not changed before the transfer. For more information on the transfer process, please visit



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