5 Benefits of Plums

The weight loss clinic will discuss 5 Benefits of Plums, including their ability to lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels. Read on to discover more. Plums are also high in Vitamin A and contain significant potassium. Both of these nutrients help control blood sugar levels and may reduce the risk of acne. Their fiber content makes them filling and aids in digestion. Interestingly, white plums are only found in Serbia, and the benefits of these fruits have not been widely researched.

Rich in Antioxidants

Scientists are hailing plums as the new super food’. These luscious fruits are packed with antioxidants, a group of substances found in foods that sweep through the body looking for free radicals. The presence of free radicals in the body is the cause of diseases like heart disease and cancer. Plums are rich in antioxidants because they contain phytonutrients. These compounds help the body resist disease.

You can enjoy plums in different forms. For example, you can dry plums to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet and, at the same time, reduce your risk of diabetes and other serious diseases. To reduce sugar intake, you should eat only 4-5 plums daily. In addition, you should include protein or a plant-based source of fiber with plums. In addition, they can alter the risk factors for colorectal cancer.

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Research indicates that plums may help people with diabetes control their blood sugar levels. In addition to their nutritional properties, plums also contain adiponectin, a hormone involved in blood sugar regulation. They also contain polyphenol chlorogenic acid, which may help regulate blood sugar levels and maintain regular appetite. Plus, plums contain fiber, which slows the absorption of carbohydrates and helps the body respond more readily to insulin.

People with type 2 diabetes may wonder what blood sugar levels should be, and the answer is around 100 to 150 mg daily. The range of glucose levels is measured in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) and is usually higher than 100 mg dL after a meal. In patients with this type of diabetes, taking appropriate insulin and managing blood sugar levels is essential.

Lower Blood Pressure

Consuming plums has many health benefits, including lower blood pressure. Prunes and prune juice contain phytochemicals known as anthocyanins, which can protect the body against free radical damage and protect against the onset of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. These phytochemicals can help prevent the onset of these conditions and may even improve overall health. Here are some more reasons to eat plums for their health benefits.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, the fruit contains more potassium than fresh plums. One hundred grams of dried plums have 745 mg of potassium. Additionally, plums contain antioxidants that protect against heart disease and stroke. The antioxidants in plums include chlorogenic acid, cyanidin glycosides, peonidin, and quercetin.

Good for Bone Health

A new study suggests that dried plums may protect bone health and help individuals meet daily fruit requirements. The fruit may benefit bone health through its unique combination of phenolic compounds and nutrients. It may promote bone formation, inhibit bone resorption through cell signaling pathways, or influence osteoblast and osteoclast differentiation. Although the results are inconsistent, the antioxidants and phenolic acids in plums may help to protect bone health.

The results suggest that dried plums may benefit bone health, especially in men and postmenopausal women. However, the benefits of dried plums are also unknown for adolescents in their prime bone-building years. A recent study at Florida State University suggested that dried plums may be especially beneficial for preventing osteoporosis and fractures in older adults. But how are plums so beneficial to the human body?

Relieve Constipation

There are many different methods to relieve constipation, and dried plums are just one of the most popular. A new study suggests that dried plums may have more benefits than psyllium, as their use in improving bowel movements was found to be higher. Furthermore, prunes improved stool consistency more than psyllium, which may be related to their reputation as an old-fashioned remedy.

Dried plums and prune juice may both be effective for easing constipation. Dried plums contain more soluble fiber and sorbitol than fresh fruit. Prunes also contain dihydroxy phenyl isatin, a compound that stimulates the intestines and aids in moving stool. Try a few prunes a day for the best results. It may help to keep the fridge and pantry stocked with prunes for a few weeks.